Engineering Basics are Fundamental for Success

Engineering Basics are Fundamental for Success

Being industrial professional, I know engineering studies have limitations, but core knowledge is very important which we get it from Engineering books only. It’s very difficult to grab all knowledge in one shot, hence I want fresher to concentrate on particular subject [for ex: – Networking, Development, QA process, Database, Operating system, System Security, administration], they should excel at least one of the subject which will help them to get professional job easily. And if they want to excel in that particular subject they should be very good core basics understandings and should perform some sample projects on that,

Which will help them to the outcome of challenges they have faced. I want fresher to attend forums and follow blog’s, people which will help them to excel in their subject’s, as my per my experience if you start digging the things the more you will get it might slow process but worth full.

My very important note to fresher is:-
1.  Understanding the subject [especially the core subject knowledge]
2. Questioning the subject matters [with seniors, lecturers, professional’s]
3. Getting proper solution’s and more knowledge and future implementation of the subject
4. Discussions of the subject with friends
5. Performing the experiment on the subject.

As there is lot competition for the job, I have seen many candidates are not getting jobs only because they are not good at basics.

If any student wants any session on this on how to choose the subject and how to dig the things, for the Professional Process, they are always welcome to contact me.

Article by,
Shivanand Havannavar [Senior Software Test  Engineer]